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Have a bar? Do you know how to keep it clean?

Being a business owner is one of the most fulfilling things in a lot of people’s life. If you have succeeded in opening your own entertainment spot then you know …

Kitchen Cleaning

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Do not push the dirt under the door, but remove it

End of lease or moving to a new home – whatever… In both cases we have to clean up every single premise available in the property. It is like an …

Tips for better cleanliness

End of Tenancy Cleaning

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How to check out “clean”

Home cleaning is an essential part of our daily round. Though, most of us as if hate to clean whatever it is and prefer dealing with something else – shopping …

Clean end of tenancy: how to easy get it

Removal & Moving

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Need more comfort? Learn how to get it

When moving out, we may need removal and moving services so that to end this endeavor successfully. It’s not at all easy to move just like that – in an …

How to check out easy and problemless

Places to Move North London: What to Consider


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Christmas Inspiration #2 Taking the perfect photo of your family

We’re handing over our blog to companies on the rise in the run up to Christmas to give you some inspiration. Today Anna Hindocha from Warm Glow Photo offers 7 …

Christmas Inspiration #1 Otago Design

Bathroom Cleaning

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Shower room cleaning: one of the most important types of cleaning

Every room in our living space serves a different purpose and we spend a different amount of time in each one of them. The living and kitchen area during the …

Bedroom Cleaning

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Do not be afraid of dirt, but face it boldly

No one cares about the methods that the professionals apply to clean your home. But if we switch roles, will realize that the property is not easy job at all. …

Car Cleaning

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How to touch high level of cleanliness

Don’t make the mistake of skipping the car cleaning even if you are sick and tired of the daily home and office cleaning. We know that it has no end, …

Carpet Cleaning

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Clean restaurant and not only – how to clean well

When it is time for carpet cleaning, we have to have to keep one thing in mind: the quality of performance. If we decide cleaning the rug single-handed, we should …

How to touch high level of cleanliness

Shop Cleaning

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Which type of cleaning is mandatory

After we have decided to do business, we should think about many other things than the final profit. Cleanliness is also very important part of the undertaking called “business”, especially …

Sofa Cleaning

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Home environment – how to always be pleasant

What kind of cleaning you prefer to deal with? Home or office, shop or restaurant…? Or none of what has been said so far! What you are going to do …

Which type of cleaning is mandatory