How to touch high level of cleanliness

Don’t make the mistake of skipping the car cleaning even if you are sick and tired of the daily home and office cleaning. We know that it has no end, tough we should take care of the cleanliness regardless of how exactly long is the list of tasks.

It is not difficult at all to clean the car, especially if you are experienced enough to deal with the dirt both inside and outside. You just need some cleaning products, water and a smile to start and finish the car cleaning that must be carried out at least once a week (exterior) and once every few months.

What car cleaning actually means

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car cleaning

It is very important what exactly the seats in the car are. If made of leather, you will have to use special cleaning products that will prevent the damage of the upholstery. But if the car seats are of textile, then you are able to clean them with water and soap only. Take a not that the drying of the seats is problematic and you won’t be able to use your car until the cabin is completely dry. Unless you decide hiring some professional cleaning company that to clean up your vehicle in a special way – using water extraction. Think about this.

As long as you want to live in cleanliness, methods to apply are really many. When it comes down to the cleaning of your car, following question arises: What steps should I follow to get best results for a short time and isn’t some better way for me to see my car perfectly clean again? – Without wasting a lot of time and with little money.

Of course, you can clean up your car fast and easy, for less and in a perfect way, but before you start dealing with this procedure, you should get informed about the following steps. They will take you to the results you are hoping for:

  1. Inspect the car before cleaning;
  2. Treat the stubborn spots and stains first;
  3. Clean the dashboard of dust/polish it;
  4. Inspect the ceiling – very often there is the most stubborn dirt;
  5. Proceed to the actual cleaning;
  6. Use only eco-friendly products that will not harm your health;
  7. Check the trunk of the car and fix the mess;
  8. Throw garbage out of the cabin – very often it is on the side doors;
  9. Apply air freshener – it is very important to feel a pleasant smell while driving your car.

Well, by and large, that is the car cleaning that we all must perform from time to time. Do not be afraid of it, but deal with it now!

Carpet cleaning

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rug vacuuming

Another type of cleaning which we want to talk about today. Take a note that the floorings in our home must be vacuumed at least twice a week and deep washed once every two months. This way, you will be able to use fresh and beautiful rugs that are dust-free and spotless. Regardless of the number of carpets you have in your property, their perfectly cleanliness is of great importance, so go ahead and do your best to get it today.

In case you are planning to perform deep carpet cleaning as soon as possible, check our tips bellow so that to make easier this complicated procedure. Here they are:

  • Try vacuuming the carpets available every day – this way you will avoid the accumulation of dirt;
  • Wash the floorings as often as possible – their freshness is a must;
  • Try not to stain the rugs with drinks and other substances;
  • If you have pets, clean the carpets even more often.

There are no reasons not to clean your carpets even every day. Why not! Once you know the rules, nothing will make it so difficult for you to completely give up carpet cleaning, looking for someone else to do it for you. Good luck!