Do not push the dirt under the door, but remove it

End of lease or moving to a new home – whatever… In both cases we have to clean up every single premise available in the property. It is like an escape impossible. We just have to clean and that’s all. Without apologies and excuses. Without finding reasons not to do so!

But what happens when we are sick and tired of the daily home cleaning and prefer dealing with furniture selection instead of washing the floor for hours? Is there any chance to skip all the cleaning procedures and to focus on much nicer things like shopping, decorating, finding a new home and so?

End of tenancy cleaning – many tasks, one solution

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end of lease

Stop wondering how to proceed to put in order your messy home. The fact is that you must roll up sleeves so that clean your property to the last detail and that’s all. But never forget that there two ways in front of you:

  1. To bet on the harder way;
  2. To follow us and to find out which cleaning methods are most effective.

Every single time when you decide cleaning your home again, remember that you can refer on our proven tips and advices so that to make easier the implementation of every single procedure toy are dealing with. We are here to help you enjoy your daily life without investing all your free time on boring and endless cleaning that definitely is terrible in many cases. Reasons for this are the following:

  • Too much dirt;
  • Lack of time and suitable cleaning products;
  • Little experience with the home cleaning;
  • End of tenancy cleaning is foreign to you;
  • You just have to clean and you are not ashamed to admit it.

Well, when it comes down to end of tenancy cleaning, definitely you have something to worry about because it is the main reason for getting back your deposit in full or not. Do your best to show your landlord that you know how to clean and will check out properly. Observing all the points of the contract, you will get closer and closer to the cleaning results you are looking for, so go ahead and do even the impossible to get your money back. You will need them very soon…

Start from the kitchen – there always hides most dirt

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No doubt, kitchen cleaning takes a lot of time. We have to think about so many things that it is pointless to tell you that cleaning of the kitchen is classified as difficult and difficult occupation. So what? We don’t have to clean the kitchen when it is time to check out? Is there any way to leave it as it is and to focus on the relocation?

Instead of wondering whether to clean the kitchen or not to do it, get organized and just start somewhere. Why waste your time provided that the dirt will not go away on its own… We highly recommend you perform the following cleaning procedures when you are about to move out or just when it comes to the maintenance of the kitchen:

  • Oven inspection and cleaning if necessary;
  • Hob cleaning (if any);
  • Kitchen extractor cleaning;
  • Sink cleaning/polishing and disinfection;
  • Sofa washing/upholstery deep cleaning and so;
  • Cabinets, plots and coffee machine cleaning;
  • Floor and windows washing.

Obviously, it is not as difficult to clean the kitchen, but it is not so difficult at the same time. If you do your best to check all the pointes we have listed above, the chance to get your deposit back in full is huge. And even more – if you present yourself with dignity, you can also get recommendations from the owner of your ex-home. Isn’t just great!