It’s time to clean up our ex-home? What to do to do it right

When that time comes for a big change, such as moving from your former home to a new one, we all know the challenges and planning that come with such a big step. Whatever your reason is for changing your residence, or whether you are a landlord or hostel owner that doesn’t matter-the fact is that one of the things you need to take care of is making sure you clean the place up and bring it back to its original shiny state.

Why it is so important to be correct when leaving the property

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When we spend a long time living somewhere, it can be challenging to keep up perfect hygiene all the time. There are spaces that are out of sight or hard to reach and we just don’t think about the fact that they can get dirty. When you are paying rent to live on someone’s property you need to take care of it but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it comfortably. However, when you are moving out and need to turn your key in, you should definitely try your best to keep your original deal with your landlord and make sure you do your best to bring the apartment to the way it was when you first moved in via detailed move out cleaning in London.

Most properties are rented out with a contract and a deposit is paid as guarantee that the property will be well taken care of and to cover unexpected damages. If you have paid such a deposit then getting it back will help you with moving forward with your new residence and it will help you stay on good terms with your landlord.

On the other hand, if you are a hotel owner or a landlord and you have occasional or regular guests and the cleaning responsibilities are yours then this service is perfect for you as well. Making your space presentable for future visitors is your top priority. This is why when it comes to that end of tenancy cleaning you can only truly trust the professionals in the field.

What company to hire

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Pro Cleaning London is one of the leading companies serving London and the surrounding areas for years. They have all the needed expertise, equipment and attitude to bring any property back to life. People underestimate how much difference hygiene makes-it can make the place look like it’s been renovated. The experts at Pro Cleaning have a keen eye for details, don’t miss any spots and know how to treat every stubborn stain. Focusing mainly on the highly contaminated areas-the bathrooms, toilets and kitchen are surely going to get a fresh makeover. All the grease and food stains on the appliances will be removed and any living bacteria will disappear. The service will include thorough cleaning of:

  • Bathrooms;
  • Kitchen;
  • Living room;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Hallways and staircases.

If you cannot be present at the lot in the time of cleaning that’s not a problem as long as you provide the company access to the property at the allotted time. Feel free to do more important things that have to do with your moving. No matter the size of the property, it will be cleaned from top to bottom with no spot missed, the stubborn dirt you could never get rid or will be taken care of and when you see the space again you might not even recognize it. You will get professional treatment and attitude from dedicated professionals who work with the motto that there is no spot that can’t be cleaned when you have the right skills and tools.

Booking an appointment with a company that works round the clock will not be difficult and you can learn about their great deals and competitive prices. If you need additional services for deeper cleaning of upholstery or carpets these are also available for an extra charge. All you need to do is call and pick a date and time.