ABC Kinder Care Centre – if you have made up your mind and are ready to let your little one go on the path of learning and socializing

It’s such an exciting time when your little one embarks on the journey of starting a new step in life such as attending kindergarten. Mothers and fathers feel such a strong bond with their children after caring for them during the first most crucial years of their life, that it might even be difficult for both sides to separate and spend some time apart. However, most parents realize how important this is for everyone and how many benefits there are to their child’s development and wellbeing.

The establishments that provide care and teaching to small children have existed for many years and nowadays, after maternity leave is over for mothers, some might feel scared to leave their little one with strangers but most of them are relieved and looking forward to having some time to themselves. Whether you want to go back to work, focus on your dreams and goals or you just want some free time to better yourself, Еnglish-language kindergarten Sofia allows you to do that.

What are the benefits for children who attend preschool

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When children are this small, they are impressionable and soak up everything around them like a sponge so giving them the right education, manners, entertainment and activities is very important for them. What is more, kids enjoy the kindergarten environment, even the routine and rules that have been set and as long as they see their classmates follow along it helps them see it as a natural thing. Of course, they are always warm, fed, nurtured and entertained. So, hopefully sending your child to kindergarten is no longer a question.

Which is the right place to choose

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With so many establishments around Sofia it can be confusing and difficult to determine which one is the best. This all depends on your preferences and situation. If you are an English-speaking family who has moved their home to Bulgaria then government places can’t facilitate all your needs and speak your language. This is when you should consider a preschool like ABC Kinder Care. Being top notch among private kindergartens, the people here will work their hardest to make sure you and your child feel accepted and satisfied with the educational system.

They speak your language and they have worked with families from all over the world making them diverse and open to people no matter where they are from. Partnering with many elite universities gives them access to the best learning programs, teaching methods and experienced educators who love children. This English kindergarten in Sofia covers all expectations from parents so far and has been building its team since 2008. If you want your son or daughter to feel at home, then this is the place for you.

How to apply

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If you have made up your mind and are ready to let your little one go on the path of learning and socializing, then all you have left to do is apply for a spot, which couldn’t be easier. After filling out the online candidate form, you can:

  • Arrange a meeting in person to have a look around the facilities;
  • Мeet with the headmaster and staff;
  • If you have any questions you will be able to ask them and you can choose a starting date after settling on a payment method;
  • The preschool offers half day and full day visits and the prices vary between visits and number of deposits you wish to make;
  • Once all this is done you will have a new student in your home and hopefully they will make the best of kindergarten life.

An early start with education and skill development helps give little boys and girls a boost before attending the first grade of school. It’s very important that they socialize with their age mates as early as possible to learn the right behavior and see how others approach different situations. This helps them determine right from wrong, make new friends and be more open to meeting new people.