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Do you have a backyard with a nice garden or a small one in front of your home? That’s a very nice luxury to have nowadays – your own property and a spot outside of your home to spend some quiet time outdoors whenever you feel like it without having to go anywhere. When summer comes around people would sometimes rather spend more time in their garden eating, relaxing and entertaining themselves than in their home.

If you are fortunate enough to have one then you also know about all the responsibilities that come with it – upkeep, cleaning and maintenance. An outdoor space is even more difficult to maintain than any room inside of your house. Contacting expert gardeners is a hassle – free, time saving option with guaranteed results up to your satisfaction.

Best solution

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Two Lions 11 Ltd. is one of the most professional companies, suitable for all your gardening Manchester needs. They know that an outdoor space is the exterior of your home and needs to be just as inviting, up to your taste and impressive as the inside of your home.

They are the people who know how to turn your trees, bushes, grass and flowerbeds look like art. These professionals are unique because they have high standard, pay attention to detail and let you know about every single step in the process to make sure their work is up to your satisfaction. Taking your own vision and ideas about the new look of your garden is highly valued by this company and they will do their best to bring it to life.

Finding a suitable appointment for both the firm and the client is often an issue with popular service companies but Two Lions 11 are available every day of the week including some holidays so you can choose the time you need them to come. Whether you want to transform your garden and change it completely or you just need maintenance from time to time if you are located in Manchester and are looking for a competent firm that will do wonders with your space – Two Lions 11 is that firm.

What the professionals will do

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When they visit you, depending on what you want done in your outdoor area, this is a list of services they can perform:

  • Mowing the lawn;
  • Weeds removal;
  • Hedges and ivy trimming;
  • Collecting and disposing leaves and other green waste;
  • Tree pruning;
  • Jet washing;
  • Planting flowers and other plants;
  • Chemical treatment for weeds.

It’s just left for you to know exactly what you want to have done in your garden, maybe make up a plan that you can discuss with the gardeners when they come for an initial visit or over the phone. Letting them know in advance exactly what you would like will definitely help to perform the best service possible.

Why Two Lions 11

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the team

After agreeing on the details and time of the visit, the fully equipped team or up to 3 professional gardeners will arrive at your location, get started and guide you through their process and make sure it aligns with your vision. As far as materials go, Two Lions 11 has connections to traders and suppliers which allows them to get best prices for products and equipment needed for the job.

And of course, last but not least, after all the work has been done, as expected, there would be a lot of accumulated waste that the gardeners of course will not leave behind for you to deal with. They take care of all leftover materials, green waste, and other items that need to be disposed and they do it completely free of charge as part of their duties. Don’t hesitate any longer, get your outdoor space prepared for the season, give it the change of design you have dreaming about or keep it in the best shape possible with just a phone call – Two Lions 11 will do the rest.