Clean beginning and end – how to achieve them both

For centuries, people have been interested in different ways to keep their homes always clean. They have tried this-and-that in order to find the best cleaning methods to apply. Home cleanliness has been different in the past and not as perfect as it is now. Have in mind that you may clean your flat or house in many ways: single-handed and by hiring a company. You will decide how to proceed so that to get best results, for less and for a short time. We advise you choose the second option because it always works flawlessly. Isn’t that really the case?

Tips for better cleaning results

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You can approach it in many different ways when cleaning your home and all they will all lead to a certain end. Have into account that the good action plan is leading in the case. Determine each step and follow the sequence. Find bellow an example action-plan and decide if it suits you. If not – compose your own and start with the home cleaning. It can be carried out in the following chronological:

  1. Tell your family to go for a walk and roll up sleeves 🙂;
  2. Vacuum the carpets first and treat the spots (if any);
  3. Continue washing the floor and carefully remove the dirt from the ground;
  4. Then wipe the dust from furniture and polish the surfaces;
  5. Pay special attention to the kitchen appliances (oven, fridge etc.) and assess their level of hygiene;
  6. Wash the windows – you will look through them the outside world;
  7. Flavor the rooms – pleasant aromas affect us very positively;
  8. Disinfect the bathroom and the toilet – there must be uncompromising hygiene in both rooms;
  9. Make sure that the cleaning products chosen are suitable and “working” as well.

It will take you about two hours to check all those tasks from the list, as we highly recommend you clean your home during the weekend. Then you won’t have to go to work and will have more free time to clean your flat/house. In the best way possible!

End of tenancy? What to clean first

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end of lease

End of lease is one of the best reasons to call as soon as possible some professional cleaning company to support you in this important undertaking that most of us have been faced with at some point… Though, you can clean up your ex-home on your own in a way that will provide you with the money you have invested initially. Shortly, you will get your deposit back in full!

After you have decided to change your address, you must remove the dirt available and not only. This way, you will impress your landlord and you will stay with good feelings for each other. Have in mind that together with the end of tenancy cleaning, you have to also think about many other things – part of your obligations under the lease:

  • Check for damaged furniture and appliances (if they are not yours);
  • Double-check for dirty and scratched walls – landlords just hate such “traces”;
  • Uninstall your own property (if any);
  • Try clean very well the dirt available in the apartment, starting from the floor and ending with the smallest details like colored fabrics, dirty refrigerator and so.

Do your best to get your deposit back in full and be sure that your efforts will worth it. If you have tried hard enough to achieve perfectly cleanliness in your ex-home, you will surely enjoy good attitude from the property owner. In this train of thoughts, roll up sleeves and not give in to laziness – it will not provide you with the deposit you are hoping for!