End of lease cleaning? Start from the kitchen

When moving out, we have to think about really many thinks like: cleaning, furnishing and so. End of tenancy is related to the variety of tasks we should check as quickly as possible so that to finish with the relocation properly. End of lease cleaning should be carried out observing all the points of the contract and trying not to miss anything.

If you are about to move out and realize very well that you have much to do in the future, book professional end of tenancy cleaning and forget about this annoying obligation. Or roll up sleeves and stay with us because we are going to help you with the end of lease cleaning…

How to do it professionally

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Some people are willing to do thing in the best way possible regardless of the funds they will invest in it. If it is about the end of tenancy cleaning, have in mind that in this case you will have to be aware that:

  • Cleanliness must be perfect so that to be able to get your deposit back in full;
  • Furniture should be undamaged and unscratched;
  • Bathroom must be thoroughly washed and disinfected;
  • Elements like lighting fixtures, appliances, etc. are a must to be in good shape, but it’s entirely up to you.

Now you probably realize why you need to be very strict when moving to a new home. Pay attention to every single detail and do not miss cleaning your ex-home to the last detail. If you are looking for excellent results (so it should be), bet on the “working” products and be sure that you will be happy with the results obtained.

The first rule when cleaning lodgings is to make an action plan. With its help you will check everything and you will not miss anything. Start from the dirtiest room and finish with small details like:

  • Oven;
  • Joints in the bathroom;
  • Aspirator;
  • Windows;
  • Mattresses and so on.

Everything is of importance when it comes down to the end of tenancy cleaning, especially if you also have a deposit to take. If so, do your best to impress your landlord and to show him that you are a responsible and sensible person. Because you are just like that!

Kitchen cleaning – the most important type of cleaning ever

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Some people are horrified at the thought of the kitchen cleaning. And how not! In this room there are so many things to clean that you might need a few hours until you remove all the dirt away from your ex-home. Staring from the floor and finishing with the oven (there is always a mess), you will be amazed by the many things you have to clean. Here is the time to say that the more consistent you are, the better results you will achieve. Follow the steps bellow and you won’t go wrong:

  1. Thoroughly wash the kitchen floor with a special cleaning products;
  2. Look in the oven – it’s usually very dirty there so roll up sleeves and get ready to be faced with exhausting cleaning;
  3. Clean the fridge as well – its white color betrays any kind of dirt;
  4. Don’t forget about the sofa and the upholstery – spots must be removed so that to refresh this furniture in an optimal way.

Basically, there are many ways for you to clean the kitchen so that the landlord remains speechless. Ask your loved ones for help and remove the dirt together. The more people – the better. Get your deposit back in full and be sure that the cleanliness will save you from conflicts with the owner!