Clean end of tenancy: how to easy get it

Home and office cleaning is a part of our daily round we can’t skip with easy. Whatever we do, no matter how busy we are with work, we just have to clean form time to time, or at least once a week. Within the working week we have no chance to pay special attention to the home cleanliness, but this does not apply to the weekend when we do not have to go to the office. Then we have more free time to invest in the name of the cleanliness, so to use it properly is a must.

Is there a type of cleaning that is beyond our power

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Frankly speaking, there is no type of cleaning that we cannot perform with quality. As long as you want to get best results, you will do your best for sure. Unless you are really busy at work and prefer hiring a team of cleaners that to remove for you the dirt around you. Go ahead and check the cleaning companies in your town, or read this article to the end and find out what to do to put in order your messy home turning it out into the cleanest place you have ever seen. It’s not that hard…

Start from the larger items such as refrigerator, oven, windows and so on. It’s always dirty there and you always have something to clean be sure. Before you start, make sure that you have in the cabinet the following “tools” that you will use in the next few hours:

  • Sponge and rag;
  • Specialized cleaning products;
  • Concentrates for stubborn stains;
  • Other ingredients that may help in dirt removing;
  • Sufficient time available and desire to achieve good results.

Home cleaning is not as awful as you used to think it is. Though, nobody wants to clean for hours and during the weekend. In a view of all this, we can do the following thing – to make an action plan and follow it strictly. This way, we will not waste precious time in vain and will come closer to the good cleaning results we are hoping for.

End of lease – you have to clean again

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When it is time for end of tenancy cleaning, you have to approach very responsible. First step is to make sure that there are no broken furniture, while the appliances are working and in good condition. When your landlord comes to inspect the area, you have to impress him with amazing cleanliness and then to ask for your deposit you have invested initially. Take care of flat cleanliness and do not make any compromises with it.

Never forget that this is not your home and you must be perfect in its maintenance. Double check the level of cleanliness and if something is not as it should be, do your best to correct this mistake. Get your deposit back in full and remember that if you comply with the points of the contract, everything will be fine at the end.

End of tenancy cleaning involves the following mandatory procedures you shouldn’t skip whatever happens:

  • Floor washing and disinfection;
  • Dust removing;
  • Windows and sofa cleaning (if needed);
  • Oven, fridge and dishwasher cleaning;
  • Bathroom and toilet disinfection/joints and tiles deep cleaning;
  • Mirrors and frames cleaning, lighting fixtures cleaning.

Every single element in your ex-home is of importance, but before you start cleaning them all, make sure that you know what you’re doing. If needed, get for information from the internet and read as many as possible articles on the subject of cleanliness. Or just follow us because we always have more to say…