Proud to be a Van Girl Blog

The van girls are an eclectic bunch. They love this job for many and varied reasons and our customers love them and the service we provide for an equally broad range of reasons. This is one of the Van Girls’ personal account of why the job means so much to her:

“Looking at my CV it would seem that my previous employment is somewhat eclectic. From packing mash in a potato factory to bar work and lecturing. Yet I’m astonished to find my current experience the most satisfactory to date.
Working as a Van Girl, for a company set up by Emma Lanman as an alternative to the often seen man and van.
Before I start to explain, no I’m not a feminist and no I’m not trying to make a mark in a male dominated society. I’m just doing a job.
A job that I have noticed is specifically required. Different from finding a niche or gap in the market (though I’m sure it has) it has (without intending to) found a client base that is in need of the service.
Customers that need more than a removal company, they require empathy, they are at times emotional and on occasion vulnerable.

I have seen for myself the relief on a customers face to have a female in their house. This could be due to a disability, emotional trauma, vulnerability or a need to have what is essentially not expensive or fragile property treated as priceless.

I’m not saying that men are unable to offer this service, However I have worked for a male removal company and it’s very different. I’m also not saying that this is all Van Girls do or the only clients they have (far from it). Let me also stress I’m explaining this from my own personal findings. Think for a moment of the female who lives alone, a gay man who has been ridiculed by men for being feminine and weak or an elderly lady who is scared because she is frail.
My work to date has been vital to these specific clients and I’m pleased to say it is nothing to do with the battle of the sexes. It is purely and thankfully due to Emma’s well branded company.
I am proud that I am able to help customers. Yet my job satisfaction is more than that and it simply boils down to the fact I’m honored to call myself a Van Girl.”