Space saving (in the road)

An often overlooked part of moving house is the importance of being able to park the van (or lorry) right outside your front door at both ends of the move. We are always happy to arrange a parking suspension or dispensation (I’ll explain these later) on your behalf but they can be costly and sometimes a less high tech version is just as good!

So, as a helpful guide, here’s a run down of parking options:

1) If there is free parking in your road make sure you save a space:

Putting bins etc out in the road is a good way of saving space and if you put signs on them people usually respect it. You can also use your own or a kind neighbour’s cars to save space and then move them when the vans get there.

2) If there is residents parking permit bays in your road there are several options:

  • Get hold of some day or half day permits to display in the van windows and try and save spaces (as above).
  • Pay the council for a permission to park for the van which allows them to park in residents bays and sometimes on yellow lines for the day. This doesn’t save the space though so you still need to use the methods above to save space.
  • Pay the council for a parking suspension outside your house. This means they will put yellow signs up stating that no one else can park on that space on the day of your move. These are the most expensive option but the least hassle and the most likely to ensure a space right outside on the day.

3) If you live in Central London you can often apply for a yellow line dispensation which will allow vehicles to park on single and double yellow lines as long as something is loaded on and off the van every 20 minutes. This is usually free of charge.

4) If you live in a block with private or underground parking:

Ask the responsible person if you can park removal vehicles outside (or as close as possible) to the nearest door to your flat. Ask if you can use the lift for removals. Check the height and width of any archways or entrances to underground parking to ensure our vehicles can get through before assuming that will be our best access point.

5) If you have your own large driveway we can do this:

Remember all London councils are different, they offer slightly different options for removals and have different pricing. Go to the parking pages on your council’s website, and the council of the place your moving to or just ask us to look in to it for you. We’re happy to help!

Who said a blog about parking couldn’t be fun!?