Find shelter in the embrace of your clean and cozy home

Do you rent or own an apartment? Maybe you live on your own or with family or roommates. Whatever the case is, cleaning up is a daily task for every one of us. We cook, eat, produce waste, shower and change our clothes daily and all of these activities means you need to tidy up after ourselves.

Everyday chores aren’t that difficult to do especially when you don’t think about it too much but after a while it can become exhausting and hard to find the time for. Just the thought of a deep thorough cleanup, all the places you need to clean and the time and effort it’s going to cost you can be very agitating and make you procrastinate for days, delaying the work and making it pile on.

What solution to bet on

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There is a solution for these problems and of course as a paid service the advantages are on your side. Professional Flat Cleaning companies are built to serve their customers in the best way possible and give them quality without compromise, meet all of their needs and have them become a loyal customer.

These are very important things to VIP Cleaning London which is the number one firm in the city. Coming to your location at convenient time for you, giving you competitive prices and always making sure that you realize that calling professionals is the best way to go – these are some of the advantages you get with that decision. If you are a working person then you don’t have much time in the day to take care of personal business so getting housework out of the way would relieve you and give you that precious time.

What next

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living room

Your flat will be spanking clean with the numerous services that VIP Cleaning London offers. For example, you can get only certain rooms cleaned like the more tedious kitchen and toilet/bathroom (all the appliances and sanitary furniture that get bacteria built up will be thoroughly treated), or maybe the living and sleeping areas. You can also just clean difficult details like upholstery, including car upholstery and mattress.

Let’s say you had a party or a renovation and you need a good cleanup afterwards because of the amount of waste- their team can do it! Bigger scale services like deep flat cleaning, end of tenancy, patio cleaning, bar/restaurant/pub cleaning are also available.

The check list

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VIP Cleaning London knows how important it is for you to feel comfortable at home and their team will clean your flat like it was their own. They know how to treat any materials, structures and stains because they have been doing this for years. Here is a little list of information to make it easier to choose the right service for you.

  • Kitchen cleaning: disinfecting and removing all stains from appliances (internally and externally), cabinets, countertops, details (light fixtures, door knobs, cobweb removal, etc.), floor cleaning;
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning: disinfecting and removing all limestone and mold from toilet, shower, bathtub and sink, cleaning vanity, mirrors, windows, details, floor cleaning;
  • Living and sleeping area cleaning: vacuuming all furniture, carpets, curtains, polishing wood shelves, tables, bookcases and others, details, windows, floor cleaning, dusting;
  • Upholstery cleaning: applying detergent, scrubbing and steam cleaning car upholstery, mattresses, sofas, armchairs, loungers and others;
  • Patio cleaning: treating all wooden furniture, tile and other floor type cleaning, platform/deck cleaning, disposal of garbage, outdoor lights cleaning, removal of leaves and dirt;
  • Deep house cleaning: a thorough inspection of every centimeter and detail in the living space, cleaning every nook and cranny, disinfecting and bringing the flat/house back to life.

There are many other services also provided by VIP Cleaning London so if you still haven’t decided give them a call and have them consult you, hiring a team of professionals will surely make your life a lot easier and give you time to do what you really love.