Five things you might forget when moving

When your moving house there is so much to think about. We’ve put together five things that we have seen people forget which can make things just that little bit TOO stressful:

1) Fridge/Freezer things

Make sure your fridge/freezer is defrosted before your movers turn up. This helpful guide tells you all you need to know!

2) Will it fit?

Make sure all the furniture you want to take with you can fit through the gaps it needs to get out through (if it got built in the house) and that it can fit through the front door/ground floor windows of your new place. If you think there will be a problem make sure to tell your movers in advance. You can post the measurements of your items and the exits on this website and experts will advise you if they will fit!

3. Think about vehicle access.

How close can a vehicle park to the entrance to your property? Are there long internal corridors which your movers will need trolleys for? What are the parking restrictions? Will you need to reserve space or apply to the council for a parking suspension? Ask your movers for advice.

4) Keys, keys, keys

Whether your moving between rental properties or buying, if your getting the keys to your new place on the same day you move out of your old place make sure you have a plan B as things can and do go wrong. We have had customers find out the rental flat they are supposed to be moving in to is uninhabitable and customers whose purchase of their existing house has gone through but the money has failed to reach the people they’re buying from in time for them to get the keys that day.
Make sure you keep a box or suitcase of things you will want to use straight away at the other end or overnight and that your movers know which bag it is so they don’t pack it. Some clothes, toiletries, a kettle might be a godsend. Ask around and see if any friends have a couch you could sleep on if things went wrong on the day or, if you have kids, you might want a more comfortable option ready. Your movers will be happy to store your belongings until you can move in you just need somewhere for you to go. On holiday?

5) Make a checklist

If you like lists use a moving checklist to make sure you have contacted all the correct people to ensure you’ve transferred everything you should have before the day. The BBC have an extensive one on their website.