5 Top Tips for moving flat

1) Think about how you will carry your stuff

Of course you can use suitcases and plastic crates and boxes you already have to pack your stuff in to for moving but try and avoid packing in to open topped containers such as wicker baskets as they can’t be stacked up in a van and the contents can spill out in transit. If you do want to use them cling film around them to seal the top.

Also try and avoid packing in to lots of plastic bags or paper gift bags as it makes packing the van difficult and makes for lots of trips holding on to bunches of bags. If your using bin bags for clothes or duvets etc make sure they are strong, thick ones as you don’t want your nice threads spilling out on the pavement.

You can group your hanging clothes in to bunches of ten, or eleven, y’know, whatever you like. Put them in to a bin bag and tie it up around the hooks at the top, then put an elastic band around the ten hooks. These should be able to hang off a bungee or a moving strap, tied across the top of the van. If you don’t have enough suitable containers, invest in some boxes; it will make moving much more pleasant!

2) Sort though your stuff long before moving

Getting rid of or redistributing the things you haven’t used since you last moved. This is so you don’t end up unpacking it in your new place. Offer it to your mates, take it to the charity shop or chuck it away. There’s nothing worse than opening up boxes and pulling out old tat you didn’t want and having to find somewhere to stash it in your new pad.

3) Get your keys in check

If your moving into a rented flat try and make sure you have your keys in advance of your move, or that your new flatmates will be in. Waiting around with your movers (or in your hire van, or with your mates or rents in a car) to get keys off an estate agent or flatmate can cost you money and patience. Also it is probably a good idea to clean up the place before moving in. You can check our category cleaning.

4) About that paperwork

Moving stuff in to storage? Consider heading down the day before to fill out the paperwork and put your padlock on the unit so when you, your movers or your army of helpers arrive with your stuff it can go straight in. Also check the storage place is open on the date and time you’ve arranged to move your stuff. And, most importantly don’t forget your photo ID and proof of address.

5) Think about vehicle access.

Whether your using a car, a hire van or professional movers, they will all need somewhere to park where they wont get a parking ticket and with the quickest route possible to your new place. This may be on a neighbors drive, a yellow line or a residents parking bay. You might need to get hold of a visitor’s permit, ask the council for a permission to park, a yellow line dispensation or, if you want to secure the space, a parking suspension, which you would have to pay for. Bins with signs on them saying “moving tomorrow” in the space you want to save usually work a treat and are normally respected!

Most importantly start preparing for your move as early as possible, hire professional movers or enlist friends and try make it a fun day for everyone. Moving doesn’t have to be a chore.