The Stay at Home Van Girl

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We asked Laura, who works in the office, to write a blog post about her role within Van Girls and this is what she sent us!

The ‘stay at home’ Van Girl.

“The most important person behind the whole Van Girls operation is the ‘stay at home’ Van Girl. She is there answering all phone calls, replying to every email, logging every receipt, writing up every invoice, organising paperwork and most importantly making sure each and every other Van Girl knows exactly what they are doing.

They say it’s lonely at the top, well actually it’s lonely in the Van Girls office. With the Van Girls out all day moving the lovely citizens of London, only popping in to drop off job sheets and have a bite to eat it’s a wonder the stay at home Van Girl doesn’t lose her mind. She powers through like the true soldier she is, firing out 100 words a minute on her keyboard but each email sent is friendly and full of priceless Van Girls charm.

Her desk is always organised, the office always spic and span, the kitchen utensils always clean and the kettle always just boiled ready for the Van Girls return in need of a cuppa. She’ll listen to their moans and groans about aching limbs and idiots on the road with a smile, nodding and ‘hmming’ where appropriate.

How does she do it? I guess we will never know but it’s probably best to call her super Van Girl from here on out.”

Well, that just about sums that up then! Only thing we have to add is that under no circumstances should you offer her a Creme Egg! 

Don't give Creme Eggs to Laura

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